From Haifa to Barcelona: Meet Designer Natalie Capell

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Dim light, dark walls, beautiful laces – entering into Natalie Capell’s whimsical atelier in EL Born brings you back to the 20ies.

Natalie Capell

Natalie Capell in front of her atelier in El Born. The half Israeli, half Catalan fashion designer started as a child to sew her own clothes and founded her own eponymous brand twelve years ago. Photo: Steffen König















Since 2002 this Catalan-Israeli lady creates feminine dresses embellished with beautiful embroideries – all tailored, stitched and dyed by hand.

Natalie was born in Haifa and studied at the Shenkar design college in Tel Aviv (the very best!). Her main inspiration: Women’s liberation and emancipation. This might be the reason, why there are no fixed sizes on her dresses. When it comes to materials, Natalie seems to have a penchant for France:  Most of her laces, silk and tulle-fabrics and even her needles are French.

Check out Natalie Capell’s Spring-Summer collection 2014 on Spanish Vogue.


Hidden away in the gothic quarter: The whimsical atelier of Natalie Capell. Photo: Steffen König


Natalie Capell

The studio. Photo: Steffen König


Natalie Capell

Perfection: Each piece is unique and embroidered by hand. Photo: Steffen König


Natalie Capell

Girl from Natalie Capell’s team. Photo: Steffen König


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