Two minutes with French designer Etienne Deroeux

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Lille, Antwerp, London, Brussels,  New York, Paris – French newcomer designer Etienne Deroeux has lived in many places and knows what garderobe stylish normades need: Minimal shapes paired with French allure. His latest winter-collection is more than a garderobe: it helps to escape – at least mentally – the tristesse of European winters

Etienne Deroeux

Pink, blue, white.. your winter collection could be worn in summer..

Etienne Deroeux: Exactly. There is no real season anymore. People travel all the time.

What the theme of this collection?

E.D.: It’s a collection about travelling to Mexico in the middle of winter and having the wardrobe that woud suit this travel. I was thinking of the house of the Mexican architect Luis Barragán.

How does Barragáns house look like?

It’s really a nice and modern house with bright colours everywhere and a huge garden, which is very nice. The house is very graphic and I was trying to be very graphic with the collection, too.

You live and work in Paris. Where you born here?

No. I was born in the south of France. In Lille. I went to Antwerp academy and then to La Cambre in Brussels. Before I startet my own label in Paris I worked for Matthew Williamson in New York.

Merci beaucoup Etienne!

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