The new handmade: Meet knit designer Alice Lemoîne

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Alice Lemoine from le moine tricote Foto: Anna Pietschmann

Within the fast-paced world of fashion women like Alice Lemoîne are rare: The Paris-based designer knits her timeless collections by hand. I met Alice in her showroom during last fashionweek. 


Alice Lemoîne has the perfect fashion-cv: Born in 1985 she grew up in Bordeaux, where her mother owned an avantgarde-boutique. After school Alice took sewing classes and moved soon to Japan to study fashion design at Esmod. Back in France she met her future mentor Rick Owens in Paris. Working four years for the designer and his wife Michele Lamy she learned to “reach the best compromise between creativity and everyday wear”. It was also Rick Owens who encouraged her to launch her own label “Le Moine Tricote”. In English:”the monk, who knits”.

For the coming summer-season she used a lot of technical yarn and paired loose knits with fabrics like silk-organza, mousseline and linen. Voilà, some snapshots:

Le Moine Tricote is available at the corner and in several other shops around the world.


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Anna Ostrowski arbeitet als Journalistin in Berlin. Zuletzt war sie Head of Content und Editor in Chief des Burda Ventures SHOWROOM. Zuvor arbeitete sie über sechs Jahre bei der Zeitschrift ELLE.

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